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Yellow Jasper Lung Cleansing Bracelet

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Cleanse your lungs with this Yellow Jasper Lung Cleansing Bracelet!

No need for harmful chemical medicines! Simply wear this and live a healthier life!

Cleanses your Lungs
Enjoy cleaner lungs! No need to worry about respiratory diseases with this bracelet.

Powerful Magnetic Power
Releases healthy magnetic signals that help signals your body to lose those toxins from pollution and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Solves Common Illnesses
Can help you solve common ailments! No need to take excessive medication for fatigue, cold, headache, indigestion, etc.

Helps in Metabolism
Proven to improve the digestive flow of your body! It can also effectively solve bloating.

Removes Toxins with Faster Blood Circulation
Promotes healthier blood circulation! It helps you remove bacteria from your body by aiding natural detoxification.

100% Natural Stone
Made from the gemstone that improves your overall health by simply wearing.


Size: Universal
Style: Round Beads
Treatment: Glass/Glaze
Product Includes: 1 x Yellow Jasper Lung Cleansing Bracelet