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Wood Seasoning Beewax

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Instantly wipe away years of dirt build-up and bring your furniture back to life with our Wood Seasoning Beewax.It easily removes scuff marks, grease, grime, and dust from wood surfaces, restoring its brilliance and natural shine!This amazing wood wax can be applied in all types of patent wood. The perfect wood and furniture remedy!


  • It Restores Brilliance & Shine
    It penetrates directly into the wood to eliminate dry, dull, moisture, and sun-damaged surfaces, prevent crack while leaving a glossy-look.
  • Applicable in All types of Wood Surfaces
  • Effective Stain removal and Discolorization
  • Water Resistant Layer and Anti Mold
    It creates a protective moisture resistant layer which deters mold-forming and prevents surfaces from absorbing unwanted liquids.


  • Material: Wax Paste 
  • Color: Light Yellow 
  • Size: App 3.7 cm x 3.5 cm for 20 g 
  • Weight: 20 g


  • Wood Seasoning Beewax