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WartsOff Blue Light Therapy Set

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Having a hard time removing unwanted marks from your skin? Then worry no more with the WartsOff Blue Light Therapy Set!

Get visible results with its instant effects.
No need to wait long periods of weeks or days and get results after your application.

Use to remove different skin marks.
No matter how big or small, this removal set could clean up various unwanted skin marks.

 Safe to use by ALL consumers.
FDA approved and made with natural ingredients that take care of your skin. 

Apply the removal set conveniently.
Remove all those unwanted marks lingering around your beautiful skin as easy as four steps.

Leaves no residue behind.
Quickly wipe the marks off of your skin without leaving any trace behind.

Deeply cleans your skin.
Prevent these unwanted marks to regenerate by completely removing those marks from their deep roots.


  • WipeOff Pen: 3mL
  • Blue Light Pen: 130mm x 15mm
  • Package Includes: 1 x WartsOff Blue Light Therapy Set