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TestosteroneMAX Magnetic Bracelet

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Increase your overall testosterone count with this Magnetic Bracelet
This bracelet can increase your reproductive performance simply by wearing it!

Increases Male Testosterone
This bracelet can effectively increase your fertility and testosterone without any side effects

Adjustable Magnetic Bracelet
Can be easily adjusted according to your wrist size! A must-have for all men out there

Powerful Bracelet Coating
Features IP Electroplating technology that keeps the colors long-lasting! 100% lightweight, durable and hypoallergenic

Healthy Energy Stone
Designed with various stones that target acupressure points. Can alleviate germanium pain, fatigue, and muscle tension

Tough and Durable
Made from High-Quality Pure Stainless Steel that is superior compare to other brands

Magnetic Therapy for Weight Loss
Targets cellulite, fats and improves overall metabolism making your weight loss effort effective.


Material: Stainless Steel
Stones: Far Infrared, Magnets, Germanium, Negative Ion
Weight: 37 g
Size: As shown
Product Includes: 1 x TestosteroneMAX Magnetic Bracelet