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SteelHard Triple Infrared Bracelet

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Achieve a healthier and more active reproductive life with this magic bracelet.
It increases fertility and performance by simply wearing!

Increases Fertility & Upgrade Performance
It improves sexual performance and increases the chances of your wife getting pregnant.

Uses Effective Magnet Therapy
Release healthy magnetic fields that improve male fertility.

Upgrade Size Performance
Improves your reproductive size making you on your top performance all the time.

Improves Blood Circulation
Aids in achieving healthier blood pressure, improving your overall health.

Promotes Healthier Lymphatic and Immune System
Helps in natural toxin removal of the body to be faster and more efficient.

Effectively Removes Fatty Cells
Helps you to lose those baby fats! Promotes quick and healthy weight loss just by wearing.


Material: Tiger Eye Agate Obsidian
Color: Black Agate
Size: 8mm
Product Includes: 1 x SteelHard Triple Infrared Bracelet