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SnapOn Face Cover

Regular price $12.97 USD
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This stylishly Innovative and functionally unique face mask design seamlessly transforms from a face cover to a bracelet, to a neckband, and even to a headband.
Our band clasp around your neck allows a full range of motion while staying securely in placeSay goodbye to ears tensions. 
High-quality reusable cover that's stylish, accessible, affordable, and always there when you need it!



  • Snap-to-Reset - Seamlessly transitions into a bracelet, neckband, and headband. A quick snap to reset — ready to transform into its next job as a cover or stylish accessory.

  • Comfortable Neck Band Feature - Comfortable compare to normal masks! A fully adjustable neckband eliminates ear tension.

  • Double Layer Defensive Barrier - Provides space for heavy breathing without a mouth full of fabric. Folds neatly between the two outer panels so the fabric that touches your face is never exposed to the elements.

  • Reduces Glasses Fog - Cross-lateral tension seal across the nose and cheeks reducing eyeglass and sunglass fog.

  • Snug and Secure Fit - One-Size Fits Most. A fully adjustable strap fits both the daintiest and burliest of humans as a cover and as a sleek accessory. Fits all humans ages 12 and up







1 x  SnapOn Face Cover