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Smoothy™ Stretch Mark Firming Cream

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Achieve a flawless and spotless skin in no time! Easily get rid of those nasty stretch marks, scars, and other skin marks with the all-new Smoothy™ Stretch Mark Firming Cream! An amazing cream that strengthens cell renewal and effectively repairs skin tissue, which helps to reduce and prevent the appearance of stretch marks by firming and moisturizing the skin! Make the skin smoother and whiter by increasing fiber elasticity and effectively repair necrotic tissue, fat lines while improving skin tone! Perfect use after pregnancy, diet, and more! 


Dilute Stretch marks and Body Scars  
Clinically proven to help promote cell regeneration, repair skin damage such as scars from pregnancy, surgery, injury, acne, C-section, aging, and more. 

Firm & Elastic 
This promotes blood circulation, improves skin elasticity and firmness while soothing and cleansing damaged skin with anti-inflammatory protection. 

Rejuvenates Skin 
Prevents the appearance of scars/stretch marks by firming and moisturizing your skin. 
Smoother and Whiter Skin 
Rich in collagen, hyaluronic acid & Vitamin E, which naturally works with the texture and rhythm of the skin, significantly improve the appearance of the skin tone. 

Safe to Use 
It contains skincare essences, a variety of plant nutrient repair ingredients composed of natural and organic plant extracts, which is safe for sensitive & all types of skin. 


  • Net Wt:0.7 oz/20g 


  • Smoothy™ Stretch Mark Firming Cream