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Sloped Shoulders Correcting Pads

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Solved that sloped shoulders with these Herbal Correcting Pads!

Simply use it on your shoulder and experienced the magic this product has to offer.

Effectively Fixes Sloped Shoulders
Simply apply on your shoulder and experience a painless sloped shoulder solution

100% Natural Material
Made from a variety of good materials such as wormwood, thin lotus roots, and dried ginger.

Suitable for Various Parts
Can be applied to the neck. knee, arm, legs, ankle, etc. This is surely a must-have herbal solution for every household.

Comfortable Breathable Design
Design to be light, thin, and breathable for the user's comfort.

Creative Shape Design
This easy stick correcting pad is shaped innovatively to ensure high adhesion to the skin.

Can be used on all skin types
Suitable to be used on any skin type. 100% tested and proven safe by professionals.



Wormwood, Dried Ginger & Lotus Root
Pack: 12 pcs/box12 stickers/box
Weight: 51g
Product Includes: 1 x Sloped Shoulders Correcting Pads