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SleepBoost Amethyst Claiming Bracelet

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Improve your sleep quality with this Amethyst Claiming Bracelet!

No need to take harmful medicine! Simply wear this magic bracelet and solve your insomnia.

Promotes Better Sleep Quality
Improves Melatonin Production which is the sleep hormone promoting better sleep quality for everyone

Speed Up Toxin Removal
Helps the natural toxin removal of the body to be faster and more efficient.

Promotes Healthy Blood Circulation
Aids in achieving healthier blood pressure, improving your overall health.

Solves Common Illness
Can effectively solve common illnesses like cold, insomnia, headache, fatigue, etc.

Aids in Digestion & Metabolism
Boosts faster metabolism and digestion that can help you achieve that slimmer body without too much effort.

Made from Natural Amethyst
Made from 100% Pure Amethyst Stone that can help you improve your bodily function.

Length: 19cm
Weight: 10g-15g
Color: As shown
Bead Diameter: 6mm
Product Includes: 1 x SleepBoost Amethyst Claiming Bracelet