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Sewing Machine Presser Foot (11 pcs Set)

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Complete Tool Set perfect for everyone who enjoys sewing
Set of 11 sewing machine presser foot set for quilting and crafting. This multifunctional sewing tool is surely a must-have for every household!

Universal Design that fits most Sewing Machine
Suitable to most household multi-functional sewing machines with a low shank

Premium Made Sewing Tool
Made from durable Stainless Steel and ABS Plastic

A must-have sewing tool for every household
Great for repairing holes or torn areas. Create fashion accent on blouses and dresses, border for sheer curtains, or as a flounce for bedspreads, skirts, etc.

Easy to Install on most Sewing Machine
This tool can be installed easily with a snap-on feature. 100% quick and secure hold on your machine.

Great Personalized Designs on your Clothes
It can be used for creating monograms, embroidery, thread painting, and most motion sewing.


  • Material: Stainless Steel & ABS Plastic
  • Product Includes: 1 (Set) x  Sewing Machine Presser Foot