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SecondSkin Waterproof Liquid Bandage

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Effective Bandage that Protects the Wound.
Protects the wound and scab from friction, bacteria, damage, and dirt.

Instantly Forms a Protective Layer of Protective Bandage.
Quickly creates a protective coat that shields the wound from outside dangers in matter of seconds.

Highly Flexible and Thin Bandage, Comfortable to Use.
Dries quickly and securely, practically invisible.

Cover's Any Kind of Wound from Any Part of the Body.
Can seal up any kind of wound injury you suffer.

Waterproof and Strong Secure Seal.
Guaranteed to stay on even in baths! Protects wound from infections 24/7.

Gentle on the Skin, Safe to Use for all Skin Types.
Guaranteed safe to use. Designed to be non-allergic and breathable when applied, does not interfere with skin ventilation and heat dissipation.


  • Package Includes: 1 10ml SecondSkin Waterproof Liquid Bandage