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Puffless Miracle Eye Massager

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Highly Relaxing and Soothing Massage, Relieves Built Up Stress.
Relaxes stressed up muscles under the eye, calms down tension and increases blood flow.

Gentle and Smooth Rolling Massager, Does Not Scrape Skin.
Softly massages the delicate area surrounding the eye with a rolling tip.

 Built With a Smart Sensor with an Intelligent Activation Switch.
Automatically cause the massager to work when hands hold the side sensor bars to start massage.

Alleviates and Eases Eyes Fatigued, Erases Tracks of Stress and Insomnia.
Relaxes the muscles around the area of application, lessens tension and stress.

Highly Versatile Gadget, Multifunctional Tool.
Also suitable on the forehead, cheeks, around lips & brow areas.

Easy to Use, Incredibly Simple Application with Effective Results.
Simply Apply the gadget on the designated area the user wants to massage.



  • Size: 11.5*2cm
  • Package Includes: 1 Puffless Miracle Eye Massager