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Pastry Wheel Roll and Decorating Plunger

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Bake pies like a pro with this Wheel Roll and Decorating Plunger! Creates straight or decorative edges and strips easily! Perfect for family occasions, parties, or holidays
Decorate that pie easily! No need to spend a lot of time measuring strips and designing edges of that pie! Just use this magical tool and create that masterpiece accurately and easily!
What you are waiting for? For amateur and professional bakers out there, this tool is a must-have! GET YOURS NOW!


  • Easily design that pie crust! - Beautifully and accurately design your pie crusts and latices! Enjoy cutting scalloped strip fast and consistently.

  • Perfectly cut strips and edges! - No need to measure. Use Pastry Wheel Cutter across that dough to cut strips for that pie.

  • Beautiful Leaf Design - Design that pie with 4 different leaf designs! Run that imagination wild and utilize this designs to create your next baked art!

  • Easy to wash and dishwasher safe - Detachable! Easy to wash! Just pop this to that dishwasher and your done!

  • Tough and durable! Food safe material - Made of hard plastic that is FDA approved. Certified food safe!


Material: BPA-free and FDA-approved ABS plastic
Size: 3 x 2 x 4 inches (Pastry Wheel Roll)



Set A: 1x Pastry Wheel Roll
Set B: 1x Pastry Wheel Roll + Decorating Plunger