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Pleco™ Galaxy Cleansing Gel

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Revitalize, refresh & improve skin’s complexion while removing dead skin cells, blackheads, dirt, and other polluting particles with the all-new Pleco™ Galaxy Cleansing Gel

It has an icy effect feeling that soothes the skin and unclogs pores easily, delivering a deep & sensation cleaning

Pleco™ Galaxy Cleansing Gel effectively penetrates the dermis, rejuvenates collagen deep into the skin, activates cell renewal, eliminates toxins, & promotes optimal conditions for the skin’s natural beauty cycle! 


Deep Cleaning 
Bamboo charcoal helps to absorb dirt and unclog impurities without hurting the skin. 
Revitalize & Moisturize
The sodium hyaluronate helps to maintain the skin to be hydrated, revitalize, and feel refresh!

Brightens & Remove Blemishes 
It comes with Nicotinamide that helps to correct dark spots and discoloration including those caused by age and UV exposure, post-acne marks, and hyperpigmentation. 

Anti-aging & Rejuvenates Skin  
Packed with antioxidants it fights premature aging like wrinkles, sun spots, fine lines, and damage to the skin. 


  • Net Weight: 65 ml
  • Shelf life: 3 years


  • Pleco™ Galaxy Cleansing Gel