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Overnight Slimming Compression Leggings

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Combining comfort with compression technology, these specialist Overnight Slimming Compression Leggings can help beautify your legs' shape and improve blood and lymph circulation without any efforts while you are sleeping.  

Made of extra soft and breathable nylon, the 3D geometric cutting design provides 360⁰ slimming and sculpting to your legs with an optimal pressure distribution system.

Adopted photoelectric technology, it is effective in relieving your legs from swelling, as well as reshaping the perfect contour of your thighs and legs by intensive calories burning without working out hard. 

With the 3 level compression design it provides adequate support to the thigh, knee and ankle, which relieves muscle fatigue and aching feet, makes it perfect for people who need to stand or sit for long hours


  • Shape and tone your legs with perfect curves and contour while sleeping 

  • 3X FASTER calories burning without hitting the gym hard

  • 360⁰ Photoelectric Compression Technology

  • Increase blood and lymph circulation 

  • Reduce swelling and muscle fatigue 

  • 3 level compression design with main support to the thigh, knee, ankle area
  • Relieve and prevent varicose veins symptoms, tired and aching legs

  • Extra soft, lightweight, stretchy, and breathable for comfortable overnight wearing

  • Made from durable, anti-hook and anti-pile long-wearing fabric


  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Black, Lavender
  • Stretchable Length: 68cm
  • Size: One size fits all


  • 1 pair x Overnight Slimming Compression Leggings