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Newborn™ Mousse Foam Toothpaste

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Are you always in a hurry and have difficulty preparing yourself? Then save time with the Newborn™ Mousse Foam Toothpaste!

In just a short amount of time, remove stains on your teeth.
Be prepared and look your best with the whitening effects of this foam.

Save the time of preparation and look your best.
Have that perfect smile ready in just minutes of application.
No need to worry when the product is 100% safe to use.
Made with natural ingredients that are both healthy and sanitary for your mouth.
Easy to use by everybody.
Just like a regular mouthwash that your could easily jiggle inside your mouth and toothpaste that your brush your teeth with. 
Cleans your mouth thoroughly.
Feel the strong effects of sanitation inside your mouth while getting fresher and whiter teeth. 
Light and convenient that is travel-friendly.
Carry this foam toothpaste and care about dental hygiene anytime and anywhere you go. 


  • Ingredients: Fluoride-Free Mousse Foam
  • Net Content: 60 ml
  • Shelf Life: 4 Years
  • Package Includes: 1 x Newborn™ Mousse Foam Toothpaste