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Natural Herbal Hemorrhoids Spray

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Say goodbye to the pain caused by internal and external hemorrhoids with the miraculous effects of the Natural Herbal Hemorrhoids Spray!

An all-natural herbal spray that helps in relieving the stress, burning sensation, itching, and swelling caused by damaged tissues of hemorrhoid discomfort. 

No need for direct contact, just simply spraying the natural essence of the herbal spray could prevent or treat hemorrhoids in just 7 days!

Product Features:

  • Soothes Pain: Relieves the discomforting and irritating feeling caused by inflammation of tissues in the rectum or anus area. 

  • Daily Sanitation: Cleanse the swollen areas for secure sanitation that avoids bad bacteria. 

  • Prevention and Treatment: Protects sensitive and open parts of the area while also recovering damaged tissues caused by hemorrhoids.

  • Organic Ingredients: Based on a natural formula that uses fresh and herbal extracts safe to use by all.

  • Convenient & Effective: Contactless and unforceful way of getting rid of hemorrhoids or other swollen conditions.


  • Size: 4.2 x 1.4 in
  • Containment: 30mL
  • Package Includes: 1 x Natural Herbal Hemorrhoids Spray