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Miracle Growing Christmas Tree

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Design that interior with a magical growing tree! This enchanting paper tree glows vibrantly! Perfect for this holiday season!

Perfect decor for bedroom, living room, or office! This unique paper tree will surely light up that space! Simply add the nutrient then wait for the next day to see a fully grown unique miracle tree!

Perfect gift for both children and adults. A simple but fun and entertaining experiment perfect for this season. 


  • A magical tree that grows! - This enchanting tree made of paper magically grows!

  • Enchanting Crystal Decor- This decor grows colorful and vibrant fine crystals that can be seen best at night

  • 100% Safe - Safe to Use! Made from certified non-toxic materials

  • Various Styles to choose from! - Each tree grows differently! Available in 3 different colors and styles.

  • Perfect holiday gift! - Enchanting gifts for both kids and adults! Be curious and amaze by this growing paper tree!







Style: Rainbow, Green, and Snowy
Size: 15 cm x 9.6 cm



1 x Magic Growing Christmas Tree