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Ms Seduce Pheromone Fragrance Cream

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Increase your sex appeal with the effects of Pheromone Fragrance Cream

This fragrance cream has everything you need to project confidence, appeal, turn heads, and get it on when you’re ready.

Increases Pheromone Release
They induce activity in other people arousing their sexual arousal.

Sweet Aromatic Scent
Achieve a sweet and seductive fragrant around you within seconds of application and smell like vanilla and rose.

Enhance Sexual Performance
Gives you the enhanced sexual desire you want! Racks up the wearer's sex appeal and confidence significantly!

This Sweet-scented natural aroma cream can last for a whole day!

All-Natural Formulation
Made with 100% organic materials like citrus fruits, vanilla, ambergris, and rose.

Suitable for His and Her
This Pheromone Fragrance Cream is suitable for both men and women.


Weight: 120g
Shelf Life: 5 years
Variants: Men's Blue, Women's Pink
Package Includes: 1 x Ms. Seduce Pheromone Fragrance Cream