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Moobs Lifting Treatment Patch

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Quick Lifting Effect. Instantly Shows Visible Results.
Shows visible results after 15 days of application.

Have a Natural Larger Built Look Without the need for Surgeries.
Non-Surgical Chest Lifting Gadget for a more defined look.

Formulated Skin Nourishing Effect, Easy and Safe to Use.
Made with natural collagen, the patches deliver healthy essence that hydrates the skin.

Develops an Improved Blood Circulation For Healthier Body.
Promotes better blood circulation which results in improved health.

Fast and Easy Application! Always Ready to Show Your Gym Body.
Suitable to wear for any day, looks natural blends well with any shirt.

Emphasize Defined Features, Flex and Flaunt Larger Build.
An effortless way to achieve large build.


  • Weight: 23g/ pc
  • Diameter: Approx. 15cm
  • Package Includes: 5 Pcs of Moobs Lifting Treatment Patch