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Invisible Back Posture Orthotics

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  • Corrects Posture: forms long-term muscle memory to reduce hunching and slumping, which effectively returns your spine and shoulder to natural alignment.

  • Effective Pain Relief: naturally stretch your muscles to relax you from a sore back, shoulder pain, stress neck, and eye fatigue.

  • Body Shaping: effective posture correction can reduce the burden on your abdomen and pelvis, which advantages you with effortless body shaping.

  • Super Slim Design: features one-handed straps and adjustable Velcro tape for comfortable all-day wearing. Carefree to wear it under your clothes for invisible body correction.

  • Breathable Materials: Ultra-soft and adjustable, no skin-health issues guaranteed.

  • One Size: suitable for wearing within 120 pounds


  • Material: Cotton Fiber 56.5%, Polyester Fiber 40.0%.
  • Shoulder Dimension: width about 35 ~ 45cm
  • Color: White


1 x Invisible Back Posture Orthotics