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Enchanted Rose Quartz Bracelet

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Find love with this Enchanted Rose Quartz Bracelet!

Wear this bracelet made from natural stone and increase your heart chakra!

Serves as a Love Charm
Increase your luck in finding love just by wearing this bracelet!

Fashionable & Stylish
Beautiful design that is perfect for any outfit you like!

Designed with Rose Quartz
Made from 100% natural Rose Quartz Stone that will help draw love to you.

Powerful Magnetic Pulse
Releases magnetic signals that are healthy in your body's system.

Aids in Common Reproductive Issues
Can help ease period pain! Say goodbye to dysmenorrhea.

Balances Hormonal Production
This can aid in imbalance hormone production that can help your overall health.


Style: Round Shape Bead
Material: Rose Quartz
Treatment Process: Glass/Glaze
Size: 8mm, 10mm
Product Includes: 1 x Enchanted Rose Quartz Bracelet