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BoostUP Electromagnetic Therapy Breast Tape

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You can now avoid breasts disorders and improve your health with the Electromagnetic Therapy Breast Tape!
Avoid saggy breasts and reshape them.
Give your breasts a boost and enlarge them to prevent them from weighing down and getting flabby.
Obtain medical benefits for overall health.
Enjoy life in general and achieve overall health improvement.
Easy stick-on tapes.
No need to worry about its application when you can easily stick it on your breasts with its strong adhesive.
Has medical magnets installed.
Placed with 7 medical magnets that will give you health benefits when you wear it around your breasts.
Enhance blood circulation.
Get a healthier and smoother blood flow by letting these breasts tapes promote it with electromagnetic therapy.
Relieve breast pain.
Improve and firm up your breasts while also preventing pain and other breast-related complications.


Size: 10cm
Package Includes: 1 pair x Electromagnetic Therapy Breast Tape