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Dr.Strong Magnetic Cure Men Pant

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Achieved an improved sex life with this Magnetic Cure Men Pant

These pants stimulate the production of healthier and more active sperms which provide you with an incredible fertility boost.

Improved Reproductive Health
These pants are proven to enhance your sexual performance simply by wearing

Powerful Tourmaline Points
Features 400 premium tourmaline coating points on the pants that could effectively stimulate your meridians

Increased Blood Flow
Improved blood circulation and rejuvenate key parts improving your overall health

Far-infrared Fibre Technology
Features far-infrared fiber technology that gives you a snug fit underpants.

All-Day Comfortable Wear
The comfortable 3-dimensional U-shaped design gives more space for circulation.

Effective Magnet Therapy
Design with a powerful magnet that targets critical points, giving you a vigorous size and intensify your endurance.


Material: Polyvinyl alcohol fiber (vinylon)
Size: L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL
Color: Black, Red, Grey
Product Includes: 1 x Dr.Strong Magnetic Cure Men Pant