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CutDown Iliac Furrow Enhancing Cream

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Achieve a more visible v-line with this Enhancing Cream!

Enjoy immediate results and highlight those muscles without exerting too much effort

Makes your Muscle More Visible
Define your V-Line and effectively burns cellulite in your abdominal area

Reduce Fat Accumulation
Prevent fat from forming again that helps in shaping a perfect abdominal muscle for everyone

Removes Excess Moisture and Edema
Helps to remove fluid trapped in your body's tissues helping you to achieve a flatter abdomen.

Accelerate Sweating in Abdominal Area
Promotes sweating which helps you to release toxins, strengthening your muscles in the process.

Reduces Lactic Build-Up
No more painful workout for you! Reduces the release of lactic acid that is produced in your muscles during intense exercise, giving you sore muscles.

Easy to Use
Simple application in your abdominal area! Apply and wait for 5-10 mins for maximum absorption with a healthy diet and exercise for better results.



Net Weight:
60 ml
Shelf Life: 3 years
Product Includes: 1 x CutDown Iliac Furrow Enhancing Cream