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Belly-Off! Herbal Slimming Massage Oil

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Say goodbye to those bulges on your waist with this herbal slimming solution!

This oil naturally reduces extra inches on affected areas with an exquisite blend of natural ingredients targeting stubborn belly fat.

Belly Slimming Effect
Dissolves rigid fat composition accumulated on tummy to flatten off belly rolls.

Easy to Apply
Simply apply to tone loose skin and stretched marks against uneven cellulite-filled skin.

Boost Body Metabolism
Promotes calorific burn and metabolic rate removing harmful fat deposits.

Soothes Stomach Bloating
Relieves bloating and stomach discomfort by simply applying massage oil.

Natural & Safe Formulation
Formulated with a natural body slimming & detox blend of herbal oils.

Suitable to Various Body Parts
Can be used on thighs, arms, and other areas with extreme fat deposit.


Ingredients: Capsaicin, Cassia Seed, Angelica
Net Content: 30ml
Package Includes: 1 x Belly-Off! Herbal Slimming Massage Oil