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Acupressure Reflexology Socks

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Finding the reflex points to massage is now made easier. Improve overall health by hitting the right spots with Acupressure Reflexology Socks.

The human foot has over 7,000 nerve endings, stimulating various reflex points creates a healing response. Clear blocked energy results in improving overall health.

These socks display the right location of different  reflexology pointswill help you find the right spots to massage and heal. Perfect way to learn more about reflexology points at home.

Product Description:

  • Find Reflexology Spots Easily: It's designed with a diagram that corresponds to various organs, helping you point out the areas that need massaging.

  • Promotes Healing: This acupressure treatment through the feet regulates body healing, promoting your overall health.

  • Convenient to Use: Just follow the diagram to heal different parts of the body. You can use it at home or anywhere you want to spend a relaxing time.

  • Made from Premium Materials: These socks are super comfortable to wear, moisture-wicking, and breathable with its top-quality cotton material


  • Material: Cotton
  • Socks A Size: 21cm x 13cm x 8cm 
  • Socks B Size: Male: 31 x 8.5cm, Female: 29 x 8.5cm
  • Suitable Foot Size: Male: 40-45, Female: 35-39
  • Massage Stick Size: 11.5cm